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sushi örebro

sushi örebro

I told myself not to drink alcohol this weekend, but when Siri asked if I wanted wine with the sushi tonight the thirsty little devil on my right hand shoulder laughed and said “You will never be able to resist wine with you dinner!” while  the angel on my left hand shoulder said “What about your work out in the morning!? Don’t have wine tonight!” The devil was right as usual, haha!! Life would be easier if wine was a sports drink!

Thank you for the cosy girls night in Siri! Sweet dreams! xx


siri och Lisa

A little quick pic from last night with Siri! It was so great to meet up with her again. We drank wine, talked memories and chatted about life’s ups and downs. When we worked together last summer lots of guests thought we were sisters or sometimes even the same person, and I think that, not only on the outside, but also on the inside we are quite a bit alike!  Thank you for the great study break sweetie! xx

today’s inspo


via Stockholm Streetstyle

Columbine Smille – there are no words for this woman’s style! I love every inch of it!! But I am especially keen on a jacket like that – let the hunt begin!
But other than drooling over Columbine’s picture I am also trying to get ready for tonight – David and I are off to Frida and Erik’s house for some birthday wine and later on it will be food and football at a little pub nearby. Cosy!! xx