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Christmas market in Stockholm








Mornin’ Sunday!

How I love the feeling of waking up fresh on the weekend mornings. It makes the whole weekend feel so much longer and worthy. Yesterday Kiwi, mom, dad and I went up for a day trip to Stockholm. While Kiwi went off to see friends the rest of us met up with my brother for some Christmas Market hanging. We were not the only ones with that idea – the market was packed with both locals and tourists trying to get the most out of the sunny weather and the beautiful Christmas decorations that filled the old town. The sunny weather even allowed us to enjoy coffee and saffron buns outside (in november!!). Among other things we also visited Svenskt Tenn and I was happily surprised to see they have Fornasetti pieces in there. Of course they are very pricy and nothing for a student, but I love to look around at his playful pieces. For dinner we ate a Chinese and Mongolian buffet on Östermalm, and then we finished off the day at NK. They had not spared any expense on the Christmas decoration and I felt we all got in a very jolly Christmas mood.

Today I am going back up to Stockholm again for the Sweden International Horse Show with two of my oldest and dearest friends. The three of us have been growing up riding for the same horse back riding club and for several years we had our ponies in the same stable. We share lots of fun memories from those days and I am so thankful we are still part of each others lives. The train leaves in a couple of hours so I should start to get ready, but first I will snuggle down in bed for a few more minutes with my other half, who I believe are not feeling to fresh this morning since he was out last night and took the last train home from Stockholm. He looks like a defeated worrier laying in bed now –  my beautiful defeated warrior!

Love, Lisa

a cloudy stockholm

slushy stockholm

stockholm södermalm

stockholm vinter

stockholm winter

stockholm sodermalm

The weather in Stockholm this weekend has been everything but pleasant. Cloudy, windy and snowy!! We have mostly been inside though, so it’s been okay! David, Pelle and I went to a pot luck party on Saturday night. People brought so much fun food. My favourite dish of the night was the host’s vegetarian curry, yum! Sunday was a typical lazy movie day, and a perfect way to end the week. Now, it’s time to focus on the new semester that starts tomorrow, my fifth semester at Örebro University. Time flies! Kisses n’ hugs

days with you..

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the abba hotel

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food hall k25

It feels like it was so long ago since Kiwi and I had a  whole day to ourselves,  but yesterday we did! Stockholm gave us sun and it was the perfect day to visit Skansen, to see Kiwis new work and to wonder around down town. Kiwi showed me a great international food hall called K25 that I can really recommend. It’s small and charming  and located on Kungsgatan. Not only do they have really great burritos (what we had for dinner), but they also serve New Zealand coffee. Good to know for the coffee lovers. xx

the weekend

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The days are running by so fast. Since I last wrote I have been spending five days in Skåne with my family before I took the train up to Stockholm to spend a few days with Kiwi and Pelle. It was so great to see them again and Stockholm had of course a lot of fun to offer. I met up with my childhood friend Josefine, spent hours in all the fun stores, drank lots of wine and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the big city pulse. I have been really bad at taking pictures but I found  the nine ones above on my phone so they will have to do! =) Tomorrow I will try to show you my new second-hand bargains, but for now sweet dreams everyone <3 xx

summer break

summer örebro

flowers örebro


my boy



Hi there! It’s been four quite hectic days since I last wrote. Among other things I have said good-bye to my uni friends for the summer, I have had my examination, we have turned in our B-report, and we have had friends over from our “london-family”for a visit . It feels good that summer break is here even though I know it will also be hard since a new chapter is starting. Kiwi will move to Stockholm full-time and we won’t see each everyday anymore. But I am trying to look at it from the bright side. This will give me the chance to go to Stockholm more often, and that fills me with excitement!! =)

Today Kiwi and I have had the whole day together. We have been out on the lawn sunbathing, walking around and we have been visiting some second-hand shops. I bought a pair of boots for 55kr which I absolutely love, and I will show them to you shortly =) xx