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snow on the ground

from my window

I am so happy that the snow finally arrived here in Örebro. Let’s just hope it will stay on the ground for the holiday as well. Dear Weather God, please give us a temperature below zero and preferably more snow as well for at least the rest of December and the whole of January.

This weekend is a bit of a lazy one. Today I have been making home-made mozzarella sticks, drinking coco cappuccinos  and now I am sitting watching the first Harry Potter movie. I love both the films and the books. Tomorrow I am going to snuggle with my man all day. I miss him so much when he is away working. Have a sweet weekend everyone! xx

goggles to see


I know you can’t see the snowstorm on this picture but both David and I have been fighting our way back and forth to school today! Like Dave said earlier “you need goggles to be able to see anything!” And it was true! The snow is not coming from the sky today, it is coming from the left and going to the right. I am relived to finally be home! x