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Raspberry smoothies

2014-08-05 15.44.32 (1080x723)

raspberry smoothies

I think the best way to cool off when the summer heat hits the hardest is with smoothies made out of frozen berries. The ones above are made from frozen raspberries, vanilla quark and low-fat yoghurt, so they are very low in calories, but rich in taste. Perfect. To get inspired on more kinds of smoothies you can check out the food network, who have listed 50 different recipes.

Here in Sweden we are longing for rain now since the biggest forest fire in Swedish history (in modern time) is ongoing. The county is surrounded by smoke and lots of people have had to evacuate. Luckily we have got help from both Italy and France with “water bomb” helicopters, and the firefighters are starting to get more control over the situation. My thoughts go to everyone that is affected by the fire, and I keep my fingers crossed that no more people or animals will be hurt from it.

Lots of love! xx

vitamin boost

fruit salad

2013-06-27 15.00.20 (1080x723)

2013-06-27 15.00.05 (1080x723)

I know that all these fruit pictures on instagram and on blogs can be pretty tiring, but I just had to post these pics because they are so colourful and I thought they showed how refreshing this little snack really was. I just remembered now that I forgot to add strawberries to my salad. Mom and dad got lots of super sweet and amazingly good strawberries growing down in the garden. That is luxury! We have been eating them for days now =)

Today I have had a little date with my sunshine Johanna. We went out on a 7 km long walk. I like combining exercise and quality time with friends, it is such a good way to get out of the house and get filled up with new energy.

It’s now time to snuggle down on the couch and listen to my Spanish basic course CD that I borrowed from the library yesterday. I can’t remember when I used a CD last and it took me quite a while before I found my dusty cd player in the boxes of “old stuff and memories”, haha! But here we goooo!

spanish basic course


crispbread fuel

to collide food

cocoa sea salt pecan

Food shopping check! I need to recommend a crispbread that is one of my new snack favourites. It’s from RYVITA and comes in different varieties like – dark rye, multi-grain, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, muesli crunch and sesame rye. They are super thin and very juicy for being crispbread. I’m having it with cottage cheese on and it’s delicious!

For the sweet tooth I also got some chocolate – it is saturday after all, right? Marabou Cocoa Sea Salt Pecan, yum!! x