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three from today

cosy warm

Got ready for school so early this morning, it felt like I was sleep walking while getting there! To get up at seven is way too early for a full-time student!

sleepy school girl

Good thing I love afternoon naps!! I was laying in bed drooling for about 40 minutes after getting home from school (does 40 min count as a power nap?) Either way, I think it’s really effective. It’s like taking a caffeine pill!! But better!! =) And thanx for the pic Kiwi – now I will never forget this awesome nap, hehe!

örebro basket

And last but not least, this evening David and I went to a basketball game together with Frida and Erik. The local team was playing, and even though I am not a huge sports fan I think it’s so much fun to go to this kind of events, especially if you have a team to cheer for!! Örebro won with about 90-76. Good work!!

Now it’s time for bed though. Tomorrow Maria is coming over from Västerås for lunch, and I can’t wait to see her again, my sweet friend! And at night I am off for a little bit of work! It should be a good Wednesday!! Sweet dreams my friends xx

make it quick

2012-12-31 14.38.48 (1080x723)

2013-01-12 12.42.19 (1080x723)

Good morning out there! I am up and about to eat my breakfast! I got to fill up with energy on this last day of study before my exam tomorrow! Urg! I don’t feel very confident about it! It’s lots to learn and my brain has got limited space! I would need a hard drive!? Good thing it’s a bit of a snowstorm outside the window – it makes me wanna stay inside and be toasty warm!

Ok, enough with the talking, it’s time to get started! I’ll talk to you tonight! You have a great Thursday! xx

not as the president but as a parent

For those of you who haven’t heard about the horrifying tragedy, yesterday there was another school massacre in the U.S. The majority of the 27 victims, living in Connecticut, Newton, were children between the age of 5 and 10. The shooter, a 20 year old man named Adam Lanza, first killed his mom before going to the school where she worked as a teacher where he ended all these innocent lives!

Watch President Obamas speak about massacre here! It’s only a few minutes long but really touching! All my thoughts go the victims, their family’s and their friends, but also to the whole community of Newton!

goggles to see


I know you can’t see the snowstorm on this picture but both David and I have been fighting our way back and forth to school today! Like Dave said earlier “you need goggles to be able to see anything!” And it was true! The snow is not coming from the sky today, it is coming from the left and going to the right. I am relived to finally be home! x

personnel economics

new course




We got such amazing chocolate from Jules and Kurt that we are nibbling on at the moment. It’s from Lindt – hmmmm delicious Swiss chocolate!

Yesterday we started our third module for this semester. It’s Personnel Economics which is very exciting since it’s our first economic based subject. And on top of that the teacher seems great, and also very passionate about the subject which is a good bonus.

Now it’s time to make dinner. After a whole day of fun at the spa and water park  with the girls from class I am now knackered, and I better cook some food before falling asleep on the sofa. Talk soon again ! xx