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even more waterfall

river island river island

 river island coat         river island waterfall

Hello you sunny FRIDAY!! It is such a beautiful summer day and here I sit inside looking at clothes for the fall!? I still can’t get rid of the thoughts of waterfall coats! I found these furry ones from River Island. It is one short and one longer type. They both look so cosy and great!! Maybe I have to squeeze in a quick River Island visit when David and I go to London at the end of the month.

After seeing lots of friends for the past couple of days I will make sure to stay at home and spend time with my family today. I believe that my sister and her kids will come over at any time now so  I will speak to you later! Kisses n’ hugs

the waterfall jacket

waterfall jackets

Hello weekend! And hello you beautiful waterfall jacket!! I have been looking around at these kind of jackets all morning and the favourite I found at River Island. If I could find one, just as good, in one of the high-street shops here in Sweden – it might be the a new spring jacket for me…

Other than looking at Jackets I am sitting eating cottage cheese straight from the container (very classy) while waiting for the minutes to pass by. In an hour the train goes to Västerås. Mom and dad will pick me up at the station and we will go straight to our favourite charity shop – Läkarmissionen (Medical-Mission) and see if there is anything needed (or not needed) to collect! If you want to have a closer look on what this charity organisation stands for and how they help contribute to a better world have a look at their webpage here! Have a great Saturday! xx