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good morning exam-week

winter between the houses


Here we go again, a new exam-week is here, and this time is on personnel economics (or maybe human resource costs and accounting would be a better name for it). Luckily, this time I won’t struggle alone, instead I will be working with my sweet classmate Lovisa, which I think will be both very supportive and  a lot of fun. Now it’s time to head off. Talk to you again after school! xx

personnel economics

new course




We got such amazing chocolate from Jules and Kurt that we are nibbling on at the moment. It’s from Lindt – hmmmm delicious Swiss chocolate!

Yesterday we started our third module for this semester. It’s Personnel Economics which is very exciting since it’s our first economic based subject. And on top of that the teacher seems great, and also very passionate about the subject which is a good bonus.

Now it’s time to make dinner. After a whole day of fun at the spa and water park  with the girls from class I am now knackered, and I better cook some food before falling asleep on the sofa. Talk soon again ! xx