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sale sale sale

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I normally don’t spend too much time in the stores when all the sale is on. It’s just too many people, throwing too many clothes around at once. The other day though I was happily surprised when we walked into BikBok’s store here in Örebro. Even though they had 50% off on a lot off stuff it was all so organized and tidy and not too busy. I found the red pants on half price, the shorts on half price, the skirt was 29 kronor and the little bag was 19 kronor! Come on!? It’s a steal!! =)

The Buddha I didn’t get on sale though. It is a gift from my Kiwi fruit, I just wanted to show him off! Isn’t he cute!? xx

damn you eggs

this is me

wine red belt

today's outfit

Oh, my eggs just broke while boiling them. Damn it! The whole sauce pan is now full of white foam. This is how shitty I am at cooking – I can’t even boil two eggs without failing, haha!

Anyway, today I am wearing my new favourite belt from h&m together with my new snake pants, they’re also from h&m =) It’s snowing in Örebro today btw! I like it!! Give me more!

Oh, no! I forgot the time, now my eggs are gonna be too hard! I’m not a real women! I can’t do two things at the same time (writing while cooking = bad). I hope you all will have a great day! Kisses n’ hugs