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some kind of saffron bun

saffron bun

Örebro’s cutest cafe is Lilla Anna’s Cafe, that is just around the corner from the church in the middle of downtown. David and I spent a couple of hours there today. It’s so great to sometimes actually sit down and have real and long conversations without a tv or a computer around to distract, well yes we used our phones, but just a tiny bit. Mostly we talked about our childhoods and things in our life that happened before we met. It was real quality time, just what we need with our loved ones every now and then, right? Christmasy saffron buns and hot coffee kept us warm where we sat while looking out on a quiet winter town. xx

snow on the ground

from my window

I am so happy that the snow finally arrived here in Örebro. Let’s just hope it will stay on the ground for the holiday as well. Dear Weather God, please give us a temperature below zero and preferably more snow as well for at least the rest of December and the whole of January.

This weekend is a bit of a lazy one. Today I have been making home-made mozzarella sticks, drinking coco cappuccinos  and now I am sitting watching the first Harry Potter movie. I love both the films and the books. Tomorrow I am going to snuggle with my man all day. I miss him so much when he is away working. Have a sweet weekend everyone! xx


sushi örebro

sushi örebro

I told myself not to drink alcohol this weekend, but when Siri asked if I wanted wine with the sushi tonight the thirsty little devil on my right hand shoulder laughed and said “You will never be able to resist wine with you dinner!” while  the angel on my left hand shoulder said “What about your work out in the morning!? Don’t have wine tonight!” The devil was right as usual, haha!! Life would be easier if wine was a sports drink!

Thank you for the cosy girls night in Siri! Sweet dreams! xx

sunday night

friendsörebro university

Pretty little faces from last weekend! We took way too many of these tipsy pics! Good times! Tomorrow is a new week and I am planning on it to be a healthy and good one. I also decided to plan my school work a bit better this week. I will try to get together 40 study hours in 5 days and then have the weekend off. We do law this semester and the structure is a bit different from what we are used to. Tomorrow  morning we are going to work on our first case so bed is now calling! Sweet dreams my friends xx

my corner

my corner

my window

2013-09-02 11.43.54 (1080x734)

Hello Tuesday!  The past few days have been really good! It has been a bit of partying with uni friends, a little bit of work and then on Sunday night I was happily surprised when David came from Stockholm for our 3 years anniversary. Time flies and I feel like such a lucky girl!! Today I am off for the first school day of the semester. I can’t wait to get started! Above are a few pics of my study corner and also my new flowers. My feeling towards flowers have changed over the summer (I blame that on you mom). They release good energy and the apartment feels more alive with a bit of green in it! Good stuff! Have a sunny day loves!! xx