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a new week



Good morning!! I hope you all have had a good night sleep and that you are ready to kick-start this new week. All of us Swedes are of course extra happy today since our ice hockey team became World Champions yesterday when they won against Switzerland in the final with 5 to 1. I was multitasking and made blueberry muffins while the game was on, but I only missed 1 goal. Big Congrats to all of the people involved in the team!!

David and I are also sending a big congratulations to our Birthday girl Julia today!! We hope that you had a great night in Cannes at the film festival yesterday and that your day today will be really amazing! We miss you lots!! xx

I am now off for a muffin breakfast! =) Talk soon! xx

there will be cupcakes

baking time


I have this cute little cup cake set at home, and I can’t wait to use it as soon as I have a few hours free for baking! I am thinking orange n’ almond, carrots n’ cardamon, vanilla n’ white chocolate or lavender ones! Well, maybe I should just start with regular chocolate muffins since I am not very experienced, yet! Kisses n’ hugs to you all! xx