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december eighteen two thousand and eleven

columbia road

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Exactly one year ago, on the 18th of Dec 2011, David and I was spending our Sunday at the Columbia Road Flower Market, looking at Christmas trees and hunting for Christmas presents. From the market it only takes a short walk before entering the popular Brick Lane, where the 2 lowest pics are from. Notice the Borat “look-alike” behind the guys playing Chess. Isn’t it an amazing copy!? And also notice the cool chairs just above. Gold and leopard! I would buy them immediately if we were still residents in London! xx

leo oversized

make sweater

sewing sweater

to collide


leo sweater

Hi everyone! My weekend project was finally done yesterday! Thanx mum for helping me! I am super happy with the way it turned out, and I can’t wait to wear my oversized leo sweater! How do you like it?

The plan for today is to go back to Örebro. I look forward to see my Davos again! Mom and Dad will come with and we’re gonna take a trip to IKEA, eat some meat balls, and have a look around. A perfect Sunday activity! I will also pack the car full with my christmas stuff. I am so excited about decorating the house! Dear December, arrive soon! xx

a little sneak peek

leopard pathern

So this weekend’s project is to make my own Phillip Lim inspired sweater. While in the store picking out a fabric I changed my mind a bit though. To make it easier (since I am not too good at sewing) I picked just one fabric for the whole sweater. If it turns out good I can always make another one in a more challenging way. The sweater is not finished yet since the sewing machine is a real trouble maker, but hopefully mom and I can figure it out tomorrow.

Now it’s time to make pizza and then celebrate the birthday of my amazing mother, who by the way only looks younger and younger for every year that goes by! I love you!! x