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vanilla ice cream

home made vanilla ice cream

ice cream home made

Mom showed me how to make home-made vanilla ice cream the other day. I get so many free cooking classes here at home, it’s great. This class was quite an easy one. All we did was mixing egg yolk, vanilla powder, cream and icing sugar, and then we put it straight into the freezer. I think it takes about a day for it to get the real ice cream texture.  We still haven’t tried it, but I believe it will be delicious! xx

saying good-bye

ice creamIt looks like all we eat is ice cream now with two ice cream posts after each other, haha! That’s not true even though we are big ice cream fans =) In one hour the train is off to Västerås, so Kiwi and I are just chilling and slowly saying good-bye. We will see each other in about two weeks again so no need to be sad (I try to tell myself). Now I need to go and pack the last things, as usual I am sure I will forget about a million them. Talk soon! x

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Good evening out there! Today I am extra happy since my new phone has been unlocked and I can now use it ALL IN! I do miss some of the options on my old Android, but I guess and hope that the iPhone will make up for it with other kind of functions.

Tonight Kiwi and I are staying in to watch Dexter and eat ice cream – like the fat coupe that we are!!! Tomorrow it’s time for more school and then we might go and see the new Bond movie. It’s supposed to be very good! =) Hugs and good night from us in the shoebox xx