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honey b

honey b

I hit the topic again – H&M! So I thought I might as well post this pic of beautiful Beyoncé who will be H&M’s face for the summer campaign. She will represent a bunch of pieces for the hot days. There is one bikini in the collection where 25% of the income will go to H&M For Water. This project has since 2002 brought in 26.8 million Swedish crowns to the collaboration they have with WaterAid! Good thing!

The photo shoot for the campaign was done in Bahamas by photographer Inez van Lamsweerde and the commercial was directed by Jonas Åkerlund! I look forward to the video to be released. From what I have seen his productions often gives something extra for the entertainment! xx


hm sustainability hm cc

I like companies who are thinking Reuse and Sustainable.  H&M got a load of negative publicity a short while ago when they got blamed for inhumane working conditions in their clothing-factories. Hopefully that has now been taking care of. But H&M do have their good sides as well which we should not forget about. With the Conscious Collection they work for an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable fashion. Read more about it here! And on the 4th of April they have got their Conscious Exclusive Collection out in selected stores. It’s a collection filled with environmentally friendly party pieces and you can see a few of them above! It looks cool, doesn’t it? xx

gym sneakers

h&m sneakers

Is it tomorrow it happens? Well, I bought new shoes for it tonight so if I don’t join the gym  tomorrow I will be very disappointed with myself! But that won’t happen, Kiwi will drag me with no matter what! And I am really excited about using my new pink/purple gym sneakers from h&m! Love. xx

baseball jackets

baseball jackets

Today while at H&M I found the most awesome baseball jacket with faux leather arms, the only problem was, I found it at the baby’s department, size 4-6 months! I was thinking of buying it for future needs though, but David convinced me that I would be able to find another cool baby baseball jacket when time was right, haha! Have a look at it here! It’s so cute! Anyway, the jackets above are from Topshop and I really like them as well! But I can’t decide what colour I fancy the most…

damn you eggs

this is me

wine red belt

today's outfit

Oh, my eggs just broke while boiling them. Damn it! The whole sauce pan is now full of white foam. This is how shitty I am at cooking – I can’t even boil two eggs without failing, haha!

Anyway, today I am wearing my new favourite belt from h&m together with my new snake pants, they’re also from h&m =) It’s snowing in Örebro today btw! I like it!! Give me more!

Oh, no! I forgot the time, now my eggs are gonna be too hard! I’m not a real women! I can’t do two things at the same time (writing while cooking = bad). I hope you all will have a great day! Kisses n’ hugs