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gym set

gym start

Yesterday I finally packed my gym bag and signed up at Motionsform, the same gym as I attended last semester. It feels great being back there and my motivation to build muscles and get stronger again is on top. Yesterday I also joined Frida for a 7 km run in the afternoon. I could barely get out of bed this morning, I am sore from top to toe. Good pain!

smooth peanut butter

apple wedges

And here we have today’s little snack! Apple wedges with smooth peanut butter from Nelson, New Zealand. The perfect mini meal between lunch and dinner while studying. And speaking about dinner, I think it’s time to get busy in the kitchen. An omelet with veggies and pesto is on the menu! xx

sunday gym

bosu ball

jordan power bag



Good morning out there! Wherever you are in the world I hope that you are having a sunny day just as we have here in Sweden! I am planing on having a relaxing Sunday since the past week has been a bit of a stressful story, and the two weeks ahead are predicted to be the same.  Our teachers (and the administration) in school have failed big time planing our last one and a half months before the summer! The schedule is packed! But I guess this is what happens in work life as well – tasks on high piles, and a very limited time to learn and to do good!

I have managed to get to the gym 4 times this week, which I am very happy about. The sanctuary where all the thoughts and worries can go away for a bit!

Now it’s time for me to get ready,  Davos and I are about to head down town in the warm and joyful spring! xx



Home after a sweaty session at the gym! I wore my nostalgic Cascade Track and Field T-shirt! It brings out a lot of amazing memories from my high school year in Washington! Good times! 

I have got a new favourite porridge mix that that I wanted to share with you. I make it out of 1dl fiber oats, one banana, water and some salt. When it’s done I add two teaspoons of peanut butter and two of apple jam and then stir (the peanut butter gets all super creamy when it heats up in the porridge) and then just add milk! So tasty!! I took a pic of it for you but it turned out to look like something totally different so I decided to spare you, but I can promise you it’s delicious =)

Now it’s time to open up the school books before heading off to work later! Hugs xx

gym – check!

after the work out


I can’t believe I sat the alarm at 06.00 to go to the gym this morning. I don’t think that have ever happened before! =) Later on today I have an examination seminar in school, ugh!!! But tomorrow I am taking the train to Västerås – I got a few fun things planned so I am very excited about going. Unfortunately David will have to stay here and work – my hard working man!

Now it’s time to get dressed and head off to Uni! Have a great Friday friends! xx

gym sneakers

h&m sneakers

Is it tomorrow it happens? Well, I bought new shoes for it tonight so if I don’t join the gym  tomorrow I will be very disappointed with myself! But that won’t happen, Kiwi will drag me with no matter what! And I am really excited about using my new pink/purple gym sneakers from h&m! Love. xx