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Hello and good morning! A new week is here and over in our home the music is already pumping even though it is not even seven yet. Reason – David is getting ready for the gym and I like to play DJ. I cannot get enough of Blame with Calvin Harris feat. John Newman.

The past weeks have been running on so fast. I have had the pleasure to spend time with David’s wonderful family. We had sunny and warm days both in Stockholm and here in Västerås. I was terribly bad at taking pictures when they were here – shame on me! Above is a funny one though on Julia and Kurt in action getting breakfast at my parents house.

School has been very hectic. At the moment we are studying equality and diversity management (very Swedish Dave thinks) and I find it so interesting! I could definitely see myself working with these kind of questions in the future.

As a result of the busy study days the sugar intake has been ridiculously high! Not good! But you know what, that’s what Mondays are for – new starts! I feel a healthier and better week is ahead! Now let’s gett this monday starting  – school books and fibre oat porridge coming up! xx

happy birthday dad!!


Okay, so if you wonder who the hot man to the right is I can tell you that is my dad! And today is his BIRTHDAY, whiooo!! David and I are sending you lots of love here in the cyber world and we are hoping that you have had a great day. We are so happy we got to spend it with you!!

This picture was taken, lets say a while ago, but I really love it since my whole family is in it, plus a few of my cousins, my aunts and grandma. love xx

mother’s day


Here you have my mom and I 24 years ago on a family vacation on Lanzarote. We are riding on a camel. Today is Mother’s day here in Sweden and along with that I came to think about something earlier – what an incredible journey you are a part of together with your family. You see each other grow, fall, learn, fight, fall in love, worry, succeed, get heart-broken, cry, laugh and struggle, but even in those moments when it feels like life will take you down to the bottom, you can always stop for a second and think – no matter what is happening next I will always have my family next to me. They might not be able to solve the problems but they will make sure that you won’t have to face them alone. I am very thankful for my big family and I love every second of every moment I get to be around them. Today I am extra thankful for my mom of course. She is the brightest star and no words can express how much she means to me and to my family! xx

happy new year


2012-12-31 19.18.24 (1080x1064)



2012-12-31 20.02.54 (1080x688)

love sisters

red shirt

dancing girl

dancing girl

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so cute


new years cake

2012-12-31 22.52.46 (1080x723)

Happy New Year friends and family!! I hope you all had a great night to finish off 2012 and that you all are ready for a sparkeling new 2013!

I had a wonderful time last night together with my sister, my brother-in-law, a couple of their friends and four amazing little munchkins running around, dancing and playing (and a little munchkin baby in my sister’s oven of course). We ate delicious food, played board games, Jesper was playing the grand piano and Anna was playing the guitar, we were singing, and just enjoying a great last night. Thank you so much for having me! lots of love to you

So what were my David up to? He was being the responsible one and worked! It’s quite funny how we have been together for three new years now but we haven’t spent any of them together . Two years ago he was in New Zealand for his sister’s wedding and I was working in London, one year ago I just moved back to Sweden and he was working in London, this year we are both in Sweden but in different cities!? Geographically the distance are getting smaller and smaller so hopefully next year I will finally be able to give my baby a New years kiss at midnight! xx

Now it’s time for me do finish off my late breakfast and then start to pack. In a couple of hours I will be on the train back to Örebro again. I can’t wait to see my Davos again!! xx

the weekend

josefine och jag

blue train


acne store

saturday drinks

irish coffee

irish coffee

stockholm trip


beluga vodka

pelle Lannefors



david turnbull

green shirt

under ground man

David and I have had an amazing weekend in Stockholm.  Good food, good drinks, good shopping, great fun, and most importantly, great company!!

Thank you Josefine for letting us come and see you and your new place even though your schedule was crazy busy! Thank you Pelle for having us over in the studio and for taking us out, and of course for being one out of my two amazing and loving big-brothers!

And thank you Julia and Kurt for coming to Sweden. It is always so amazing to see you and so heartbreaking to say good-bye, but we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in Stockholm together with you guys. Thank you for everything! We miss you so much already!

Now it’s way over bed time!  Sweet dreams everyone xx