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a chicken run


If I can I will have a little chicken run at my future home. I am not sure how many hens I will have, but it needs to be enough to feed maybe four people with an egg or two a day! The run will be big and filled with fluffy sawdust and straw, I will have happy hens! Future dreamsxx

new week

healthy breakfast

Starting off this week in a healthy way! I am so happy that I can eat kiwi fruit now without any probelms. I was allergic to it growing up but I tried it a while ago and no bad reactions. So yummy, and so great to have in the porridge! Now I am off to school, but first a quick stop at the supermarket to pick up some snack for my afternoon in the library! xx

damn you eggs

this is me

wine red belt

today's outfit

Oh, my eggs just broke while boiling them. Damn it! The whole sauce pan is now full of white foam. This is how shitty I am at cooking – I can’t even boil two eggs without failing, haha!

Anyway, today I am wearing my new favourite belt from h&m together with my new snake pants, they’re also from h&m =) It’s snowing in Örebro today btw! I like it!! Give me more!

Oh, no! I forgot the time, now my eggs are gonna be too hard! I’m not a real women! I can’t do two things at the same time (writing while cooking = bad). I hope you all will have a great day! Kisses n’ hugs