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a box with christmas junk

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Some christmas decorations are  clean and classic, others are sweet, but you only just like them because you know that after the holiday you don’t get to see them for another 11 months. An example could be the reindeer plate and mug. So amazingly cute at the moment, but only at the moment (or to the end of this month tops)…

Slide the arrow over the pics to see the designers! All images via Selfridges.

happy first of advent

I just went and got the christmas box from the cellar – I am so excited about this day! David and I are gonna clean our little “shoebox” and then it’s decoration time. When we are all done with that it’s time for our fist cosy “advents-fika” together.

We also have the new James Bond movie to look forward to today. Dave has been wanting to see it for weeks so we thought that a visit to the movie theatre  would be a great way to finish of this lovely day.

Outside the window the sun is shining and it’s snow on the ground! I love December <3