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little details from the south

vase lantern

vase spain

vase orange


Not only did buddhas grew hugely on me while visiting Ibiza last year but the trip also got me hooked on orange and brown… hmm!? I associate the colours with heat and sun and all the fun days we had over there of course. On the pics above you can see a vase and a lantern that I found in a cheap second-hand shop at Virresta Bränneri, and the Buddha is from one of my family’s favourite locations in Skåne called Ales Stenar. For now they will fit perfect in my small apartment in Örebro, but no one knows where they will end up in the future, my wish is somewhere warm. xx

the laughing buddha


2013-01-24 10.15.50 (1080x723)

I forgot to show you my new little Buddha that moved in a while ago. He is a gift from Maria who brought him with from Thailand. It feels a bit special to have a Buddha from the temples over there! Isn’t he cool? I love his face expression, he looks so happy with life! xx

sale sale sale

ballerina skirtimage (87)Lisa Lanneforsmy new red pantsparty bagmy friend buddha

I normally don’t spend too much time in the stores when all the sale is on. It’s just too many people, throwing too many clothes around at once. The other day though I was happily surprised when we walked into BikBok’s store here in Örebro. Even though they had 50% off on a lot off stuff it was all so organized and tidy and not too busy. I found the red pants on half price, the shorts on half price, the skirt was 29 kronor and the little bag was 19 kronor! Come on!? It’s a steal!! =)

The Buddha I didn’t get on sale though. It is a gift from my Kiwi fruit, I just wanted to show him off! Isn’t he cute!? xx

white and colourful


to light up


on the balcony



baby room

for the baby room (far away in the future)

Out of all the interior design stores Indiska is my absolute favourite. In my future home there will be a white base and then tons of colourful lamps, pillows, and blankets. There will be buddhas, scented candles, lanterns, elephants, mugs, patterns,  you name it! Gotta love Indian style, with a Scandinavian touch of course =)

All images from Pinterest Indiska.