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Fun ideas for wrapping gifts




It was my sister’s birthday yesterday and when I was wrapping the bowl that David and I got her I started to think about how many fun and different ways there must be to a wrap gift. I don’t think it takes much to make it a bit more personal. It could be a picture, a fun sticky tape, a clothes peg or why not wrap it in a soft fabric instead of paper? Next time I’ll try to let the imagination flow. xx

happy birthday dad!!


Okay, so if you wonder who the hot man to the right is I can tell you that is my dad! And today is his BIRTHDAY, whiooo!! David and I are sending you lots of love here in the cyber world and we are hoping that you have had a great day. We are so happy we got to spend it with you!!

This picture was taken, lets say a while ago, but I really love it since my whole family is in it, plus a few of my cousins, my aunts and grandma. love xx

the hand-made blanket

birthday present


Good morning and hello, it is FRIDAY!! And today it is also 25 years ago since my raisin  head saw the light for the fist time!! Yes, it is my birthday and even though you stop enjoying your birthdays after the age of 20 in Sweden (that’s when you can start buying alcohol from the alcohol shop) I am gonna enjoy this day to the fullest! I do have a meeting at school that needs to be taken care off before I can jump on the train to Oslo though! But I have had the best birthday morning so far with breakfast in bed and the best boyfriend next to me! I got an amazing hand-made blanket that I have been looking at for months! It was so sweet of David to remember how much I liked it, and it was also lucky the blanket was still out in store! xx

birthday breakfast in bed

birthday breakfast

Someone very special is having his birthday today – the person who brings me love and sunshine everyday – my David! Happy Birthday Love!!!

Unfortunatly he had to go to school early this morning, but we did have time for breakfast in bed, present opening and a quick skype with Mom and Dad Turnbull! The plans for later on is a bit uncertain still. It depends on how David’s cold is treating him! Talk soon again! I hope you will have a great Wednesday! xx

Happy Birthday Vicki!!

happy birthday

Today it’s David’s mom’s birthday so we are sending lots of extra thoughts to her! Happy Birthday Mamma Turnbull! We hope that you are having an amazing and wonderful day. We can’t wait for you and Graeme to come and visit us in Sweden! Time will fly and it will be July before we know it! Lots of kisses and hugs xx