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m varsity bomber jacket

M jersey varsity bomber jacket (720x1080)varsity jacket

Hello Tuesday!! I would like to start off this day with a little comparison that I have thought about. Think of all the people you have around you – in school, at work, at the gym, your friends, your “not-so-good-good friends”, your family, and your partner! For all the people to make sense in your everyday ┬álife you categorise them, right? And you pick the ones you like the most to have close (well, when it comes to your family there is no picking and choosing of course, haha). This reminds me of picking candy, for instance, while at Ica standing in front of the ocean of the Caramel King selection. Most of the candy are sweet, but some are very sour. Others are hard while others are soft, some are round while others are tall, some are wrapped and you can’t really se them, and some are more natural than others. The list can go on, but the point is that we look and try to find the ones that we know or we think that we will like the most. I probably saw a cute gummy bear when I”picked” David and he probably saw a funny shaped Jelly Bean when he “picked” me, haha! This makes no sense at all…. but I got a big smile on my face when I started to think about this and realised how much sweet candy I have in my life!

Two of these sweet ones are David’s sister and brother-in-law! For my birthday they sent me this amazing baseball jacket (from topshop) that I LOVE so much!! Thank you Jules and Kurt!! =) xxx

baseball jackets

baseball jackets

Today while at H&M I found the most awesome baseball jacket with faux leather arms, the only problem was, I found it at the baby’s department, size 4-6 months! I was thinking of buying it for future needs though, but David convinced me that I would be able to find another cool baby baseball jacket when time was right, haha! Have a look at it here! It’s so cute! Anyway, the jackets above are from Topshop and I really like them as well! But I can’t decide what colour I fancy the most…