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like frozen margarita

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If someone is looking for great scented candles I can recommend the American brand Village Candle. I got this frozen margarita one from my brother and family, and it smells really refreshing (just like a margarita should), but it also has a bit of sweetness to it!  Because of the strong and summery smell, I am also thinking of using it on the balcony when the temperature starts  to allow =) Thumbs up for Village Candle! xx

white and colourful


to light up


on the balcony



baby room

for the baby room (far away in the future)

Out of all the interior design stores Indiska is my absolute favourite. In my future home there will be a white base and then tons of colourful lamps, pillows, and blankets. There will be buddhas, scented candles, lanterns, elephants, mugs, patterns,  you name it! Gotta love Indian style, with a Scandinavian touch of course =)

All images from Pinterest Indiska.