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dear iPhone 5 what took you so long

iPhone 5 white

my new baby

Yesterday we got a new nutritious apple to the house, and finally it’s my baby! I never had an iPhone before so I’m still amused by all the icons on Emoji, and just little things like finding the right icon for texting is still a bit tricky, haha! You can call me an expert to be! The sim card is not activated for a few more days so can’t use it as a phone just yet. The camera is great though, compared with my old phone, so I am just as happy to use it as a camera for now =) Welcome home little one….

iphone 5

its first snap shot

Kisses and hugs xx

crispbread fuel

to collide food

cocoa sea salt pecan

Food shopping check! I need to recommend a crispbread that is one of my new snack favourites. It’s from RYVITA and comes in different varieties like – dark rye, multi-grain, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, muesli crunch and sesame rye. They are super thin and very juicy for being crispbread. I’m having it with cottage cheese on and it’s delicious!

For the sweet tooth I also got some chocolate – it is saturday after all, right? Marabou Cocoa Sea Salt Pecan, yum!! x