good night Grandma, we’ll love you forever


mormor Images by Pelle Lannefors

The weekend took a quick turn. I would like to say I am relieved it’s over, but I can’t because tomorrow will be no different from today. You will still no longer be here with us! At 07.00 on Saturday morning you decided it was time to let go, quiet and peacefully.

There are few people like you grandma, a heart so big in a body so little. Your passion for teaching children and your eagerness to help others, all around the world, is truly inspiring. You are a hero, and even though it hurts so badly that you are no longer with us, we know you’re now at a better place, where you can calmly rest and feel no pain. Your wise words, your smile, and your laugh will always live within us, together with all the loving memories that we have made together.

One day I will hold your little warm hand again, but until then, good night Grandma, we’ll love you forever! xx