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Yoga at home

yoga at home



I found a really good space for yoga this morning which was out on the terrace of my parents house. I haven’t done yoga in a while so I put on a 40 minutes easy level class on YouTube. I was happily surprised to see how many options there are of instructors who give out free classes. Today I followed a women who goes by the name Yoga by Adriene. She has all different kind of classes like yoga for beginners, yoga for fat loss, yoga for stress relief and so on. I liked her, but I wasn’t totally sold so tomorrow I am gonna do a bit more of exploring to see what other options of instructors there are. Hope you are having a great Monday! xx

a snack and a yoga mat

2014-02-26 10.53.04 (1080x723)

yoga mat

I have been wanting a yoga mat for a while now since it makes it much easier to practise yoga, meditation or regular work out at home. My dad kindly thought I needed one as well and got me this beautiful one – I love the colour of it. I have been using it this morning and afterwards I treated myself with a blueberry and raspberry drink and lovely sweet grapes (my little obsession).┬áHope you will have a good Wednesday! I will spend the rest of mine with school work! xx

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