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mingle night

mingle night – photo by Klara

Hi There! Sorry for the absence. The past two days has been so hectic! Nothing bad with that though, I like it busy! Yesterday I was attending a mingle night for HR students and HR professionals. It was a good  organised event, and I think that for a lot of students it led to a better understanding of what positions in HR departments requires and demands. I find these kind of events inspiring and it really gives me a motivational push to keep up the work in school!

Tonight Kiwi and I are off to see Breaking Dawn 2 with Frida and Erik! I am a huge Twilight fan (a bit nerdy, I know) and I can’t wait to sit down at the movie theatre and dream away to the fantasy world  for a bit. Have any of you seen it yet? xx

personnel economics

new course




We got such amazing chocolate from Jules and Kurt that we are nibbling on at the moment. It’s from Lindt – hmmmm delicious Swiss chocolate!

Yesterday we started our third module for this semester. It’s Personnel Economics which is very exciting since it’s our first economic based subject. And on top of that the teacher seems great, and also very passionate about the subject which is a good bonus.

Now it’s time to make dinner. After a whole day of fun at the spa and water park  with the girls from class I am now knackered, and I better cook some food before falling asleep on the sofa. Talk soon again ! xx