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I have had my last morning view over the lake, my last PW around the island and my last breakfast here at Tidö Lindö for a while now. Bye Bye Västerås  and thank you for this summer! Above you can see the kind of breakfast that mommy and I have munched on the most this summer – porridge! This morning we added nectarines and blueberries to it! xx

little creators


2013-02-02 11.31.07 (1080x723)

2013-02-02 11.37.14 (1080x723)

2013-02-02 11.37.18 (1080x792)

2013-02-02 11.37.25 (1080x723)

2013-02-02 12.11.49 (1080x679)

2013-02-02 12.13.53 (1080x723)

With some great help from two little Elves we made some tasty (and crazy sweet to be honest) Flap Jacks here at Tidö Lindö earlier today! Freja and Elias did a great job mixing and stirring. I love spending time with my sibling’s children – all the clever and fun things they say and do – it makes me so happy and warm!! Tomorrow all of them will be here for ice skating and BBQ! It will be…. wild =) xx