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a little recap

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After the exam week the weekEND was very longed for! On Friday Lovisa, Hanne, Frida and I met up at Frida’s to get ready together before the party – Frida did both my hair and make up, she is such a sweetheart! My hair ended up with very glamorous waves, but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of it! Frida and Erik’s house soon ended up with lots of class mates and the whole night was a blast! Saturday was not as much fun though. Not only do I get this terrible hangover every time I have been drinking, but I also get a very sad and hopeless feeling inside, like life lost its meaning! It sounds quite harsh, and it is, until about after supper, then I start to feel better again! I am thinking about having another month without any party and alcohol, like I did a while ago. It’s important to take care of the one and only sanctuary that you have got!!

I have been a bit creative this weekend as well though, because I have been cooking!! I have made green curry thai food!! I had a huge craving for it yesterday, but instead of going to Spicy Hot to buy it I decided to face one of my lacking skills – and I did it! It was quite easy and turned out great! It was all vegetarian, lots of beans, lots of vegetables, lots of nutrition!

I also started a little project this weekend, after an accident in the bathroom! No one did their pants so don’t worry! But I dropped David’s deodorant (that seemed to be made out of steel) on our soap holder that is made out of ceramics, and the ceramic broke. From it I got two very cute little creamed coloured pieces with flowers on. So I now have this idea that I will start to collect little broken ceramics and crockery pieces – a bit weird I know!! But when I have enough of them they will be a part of a little artwork I have in mind. This will be the perfect mission for the summer when all the garage sales are going on. Broken pieces of ceramics and crockery…

cheers to our birthday boy

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thai food

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parents love

Good evening dear friends! Today we have had my amazing parents over for a little late celebration of David’s birthday! I love to have my family around (and it needs to be said that my mom is very good at funny faces, ¬†as you can see, haha)! We ate thai food, drank wine, an african one, Chenin¬†Blanc, my new favourite, and for dessert we had chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, caramel ice cream, raspberries and a homemade marmalade mom brought with – yum! David blew out all the candles on the cake (and lots of the vanilla suger decoration all over the table, haha) and hopefully he made a very awesome wish with that! Thanx M&D for the visit. We miss you already!

And while we are talking about family’s and fun stuff – it’s now only 4 and a half months left untill David’s parents are comin’n over to Europe from New Zealand. I can’t express how excited I am, but still that’s probably not even close to how Dave feels. Kisses n’ hugs xx