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a snack and a yoga mat

2014-02-26 10.53.04 (1080x723)

yoga mat

I have been wanting a yoga mat for a while now since it makes it much easier to practise yoga, meditation or regular work out at home. My dad kindly thought I needed one as well and got me this beautiful one – I love the colour of it. I have been using it this morning and afterwards I treated myself with a blueberry and raspberry drink and lovely sweet grapes (my little obsession). Hope you will have a good Wednesday! I will spend the rest of mine with school work! xx

the alarm on the body clock

2013-04-21 16.05.03 (1080x723)

2013-04-21 16.04.34 (1080x723)

coffee, grapes and smoothie

sunday breakfast

Hello Sunny Sunday! Both David and I worked until about 02.00  last night and I think we went to bed at around 04.00. No wonder that we are feeling a bit burnt this morning! I woke up at my usual time 06.00 – thank you for that dear alarm on the body clock!

Now it is time for brekkie though. The coffees and smoothies are on the table and the bread is ready in the toaster! The smoothies today contains  banana, blueberries, raspberries, mango, kiwi and oat milk! Cheers! xx

a layered smoothie

layered smoothe

Yesterday I wanted to bring out some old bartending skills so I made a layered drink, and it turned out to be a great raspberry and kiwi smoothie at the end. On the bottom layer there are yogurt, raspberries and a tiny bit of Fun Light Wildberries and on the top layer there is kiwi mixed with a tiny bit of lime cordial. Refreshing and good for the sweet tooth! xx