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a baby brother

anton och signe

I am so happy and excited!!! Just after two a clock today my sister gave birth to a little boy! Big Congratulations to Anna, Jesper, Anton and Signe!! David and I are so happy for you guys, and we can’t wait to come home and see him……poor little lucky boy, he yet doesn’t know what big and crazy family that he has been born into!! Happiness!

Now, I need to hurry, I am off to meet the girls! Tonight we will have a real girls night in with dinner and movies! Cosy times! xx

on slippery ice

ice babyget over hereomgice skatingimage (80)david turnbulldavid turnbulllove is in the airfriends on icebig snow mangirls on icestephanie

My partner in crime, also known as my amazing boyfriend David, is as you probably know by now from New Zealand. Ice skating is not a big sport over there! That’s why my sister and my brother-in-law thought it would be a great idea to give my Kiwi a pair of ice skates. I could see a mix of both fear and excitement when he unwrapped the present on Christmas Eve.

A few days ago David did debut on the ice with his new skates on, and it really was one of the cutest things I have seen! He worked so hard and at the end he was actually going all by himself!

Among with us this day were my brother Pelle (who couldn’t help himself showing off at the ice), one of Pelle’s best friends Mårten, and also our sweet Australian Christmas visitor Stephanie!

Once again I have to say – I love the winter! xx

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