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multiple modernities

chocolate and coffee

Good Morning Tuesday! No, I’m not having chocolate for breakfast, it is my breakfast  desert! I am giving myself a treat to be in a good mood for today’s seminar! We have a new teacher, which means that I have no idea how this seminar is planned. It’s weird how much they differ. One teacher would be totally laid back and answer whatever questions you have, while the other one will give you the killer stone face and command you to answer the million dollar question! I just wanna get out of this unscathed xx

last class of the year

evening tea

Yesterday’s cozy good-bye “fika” together with the girls – Frida had the sweetest present for us. I will show you later on <3 I will miss the girls so much over the holiday!

image (25)

Today it’s time for the last seminar for the year! I can’t wait for it to be over! Later on I am taking the train home to Västerås. I’m so excited to see my family again!

image (26)

And, yeah! I almost forgot to tell you about The Hobbit. I absolutely loved it!! Fantasy at it’s best!! David liked it as well, but maybe it was a little bit too “funny” for him. He likes it more “dark” like in The Lord Of The Rings, but over all we can really recommend you to see it. If you are not a fantasy fan, go and see it for the beautiful scenery – the surroundings were amazing! xx

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