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the weekend

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The days are running by so fast. Since I last wrote I have been spending five days in Skåne with my family before I took the train up to Stockholm to spend a few days with Kiwi and Pelle. It was so great to see them again and Stockholm had of course a lot of fun to offer. I met up with my childhood friend Josefine, spent hours in all the fun stores, drank lots of wine and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the big city pulse. I have been really bad at taking pictures but I found  the nine ones above on my phone so they will have to do! =) Tomorrow I will try to show you my new second-hand bargains, but for now sweet dreams everyone <3 xx

new coat

lisa lannefors

I found this amazing black fur coat at a second-hand shop here in Västerås yesterday. My grandmother thought it could be around 50 years old and the label gives it a bit of an extra touch –  it has a Royal Warrant and comes from Wigens AB Wilhelm Wigen TRANÅS. I gave 350 Swedish kronor for it – what a steal!! Happy gal! =)

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