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the last

tidö lindö

power walk sweden

porridge breakfast

I have had my last morning view over the lake, my last PW around the island and my last breakfast here at Tidö Lindö for a while now. Bye Bye Västerås  and thank you for this summer! Above you can see the kind of breakfast that mommy and I have munched on the most this summer – porridge! This morning we added nectarines and blueberries to it! xx

a blueberry bowl

blueberry porridge

I was up from bed early this Sunday morning. My eyelids do still feel heavy and my mouth keeps yawning. In two hours I am off for a run with Frida so I felt I needed a big energy breakfast in good time before that. I made porridge out of 1 dl fiber oats, one half banana, quite a lot of blueberries, and then I served it with “oat-milk” or “oat-drink”, I am not really sure what the english word for it is. Other than running I have got to do studies and laundry. Thank god that the weather is grey today. It makes me feel better about being inside doing necessities! xx



Home after a sweaty session at the gym! I wore my nostalgic Cascade Track and Field T-shirt! It brings out a lot of amazing memories from my high school year in Washington! Good times! 

I have got a new favourite porridge mix that that I wanted to share with you. I make it out of 1dl fiber oats, one banana, water and some salt. When it’s done I add two teaspoons of peanut butter and two of apple jam and then stir (the peanut butter gets all super creamy when it heats up in the porridge) and then just add milk! So tasty!! I took a pic of it for you but it turned out to look like something totally different so I decided to spare you, but I can promise you it’s delicious =)

Now it’s time to open up the school books before heading off to work later! Hugs xx



I woke up in bed by myself this morning. Kiwi is still in Stockholm and I miss him terribly much!! Good thing he will be back in a few hours, I have “Kiwi-cuddle” cravings!  But life feels quite good this morning anyway. There is sunshine outside the window, I am having new-made coffee, c-vitamin water and my fiber oats porridge will soon be on the breakfast table, and then I am off to the gym! Have a great Sunday friends and family! xx

new week

healthy breakfast

Starting off this week in a healthy way! I am so happy that I can eat kiwi fruit now without any probelms. I was allergic to it growing up but I tried it a while ago and no bad reactions. So yummy, and so great to have in the porridge! Now I am off to school, but first a quick stop at the supermarket to pick up some snack for my afternoon in the library! xx