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a girls day

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I have had such a great girls day today with two of my high school friends. Johanna and I was spending almost all day in the park, eating lunch, drinking wine and catching up on  several subjects. You know when you haven’t seen a friend for ages, it is so great with quality time to really be able to listen fully, talk about memories and share all news. Later on we walked up to Lina’s house for a delicious cod dinner. Lina is pregnant and she is due in September. Her tummy had been growing so big =) She will be the first one out of the group of friends that I graduated high school with that will have a baby. It’s very exciting! xx

the active tuesday

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This morning I finally went to the gym again. I hadn’t been there for almost two weeks so it was really great being back again! =) But todays work out didn’t stop after the gym because…

Tonight at 7 pm me and two teams of girls from my class are going to participate in  Vårruset. It is a women’s run that always takes place in late spring to welcome summer and to raise money for charity. 8000 women will be in this 5km long race and we hope for a sweaty and fun night. As long as the weather stays ok it will be all good, no rain please!! After the run little picnic baskets are handed out to all of the teams to enjoy together. I’m very excited! xx