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Hi there! I hope you are all good this Saturday! I have had two nights of partying and great fun with my class mates which means that tonight will be a well needed night in. I am soon off to Frida’s house to just chill, watch tv and have dinner.

Since the past weeks have been so hectic I feel like my eating routines has been really bad, and I have had lots of fast food. Therefore, since it is the first of June today, I thought it would be a good day to start to be a bit more healthy again. More fruits, beans and veggies and more cooking and planing! I think Frida and I will have tomato soup with feta cheese tonight. It will be delicious =) Have a great night! xx

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irish coffee

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David and I have had an amazing weekend in Stockholm.  Good food, good drinks, good shopping, great fun, and most importantly, great company!!

Thank you Josefine for letting us come and see you and your new place even though your schedule was crazy busy! Thank you Pelle for having us over in the studio and for taking us out, and of course for being one out of my two amazing and loving big-brothers!

And thank you Julia and Kurt for coming to Sweden. It is always so amazing to see you and so heartbreaking to say good-bye, but we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in Stockholm together with you guys. Thank you for everything! We miss you so much already!

Now it’s way over bed time!  Sweet dreams everyone xx

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