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Hi there! It’s been four quite hectic days since I last wrote. Among other things I have said good-bye to my uni friends for the summer, I have had my examination, we have turned in our B-report, and we have had friends over from our “london-family”for a visit . It feels good that summer break is here even though I know it will also be hard since a new chapter is starting. Kiwi will move to Stockholm full-time and we won’t see each everyday anymore. But I am trying to look at it from the bright side. This will give me the chance to go to Stockholm more often, and that fills me with excitement!! =)

Today Kiwi and I have had the whole day together. We have been out on the lawn sunbathing, walking around and we have been visiting some second-hand shops. I bought a pair of boots for 55kr which I absolutely love, and I will show them to you shortly =) xx

at the market

market market


Good afternoon folks! Friday is here again. That means work for my Kiwi, and a little bit of work for me as well. We both have slept terribly bad for the past week, but with  x cups of consumed coffee, we are hopefully good for the night!

The few pictures above are taken at the winter market that is spread around Örebro City at the moment. I was there earlier today and I really like these kind of markets. I love the smell of roasted almonds (I bought two packages of them), all the great food and all the beautiful handicrafts. The only downside today was that I was dressed way too poorly! I almost had to run all the way home because it felt like my little frozen toes were falling off! Luckily for me David was home so I heated my toes up in between his warm thighs (on his bare skin, haha)! He is a very generous boyfriend! =) xx

three from today

cosy warm

Got ready for school so early this morning, it felt like I was sleep walking while getting there! To get up at seven is way too early for a full-time student!

sleepy school girl

Good thing I love afternoon naps!! I was laying in bed drooling for about 40 minutes after getting home from school (does 40 min count as a power nap?) Either way, I think it’s really effective. It’s like taking a caffeine pill!! But better!! =) And thanx for the pic Kiwi – now I will never forget this awesome nap, hehe!

örebro basket

And last but not least, this evening David and I went to a basketball game together with Frida and Erik. The local team was playing, and even though I am not a huge sports fan I think it’s so much fun to go to this kind of events, especially if you have a team to cheer for!! Örebro won with about 90-76. Good work!!

Now it’s time for bed though. Tomorrow Maria is coming over from Västerås for lunch, and I can’t wait to see her again, my sweet friend! And at night I am off for a little bit of work! It should be a good Wednesday!! Sweet dreams my friends xx

poor man, you must be freezing

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david turnbull

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örebro sweden

örebro city sweden

David and I have been out on our regular Sunday walk! The sun was setting, and it was really quiet down town. We helped a couple of old ladies to take their pictures, with the river in the background. It looked like they had been friends for a hundred years. Other than that it wasn’t much action, but it was pretty. David and I get a bit worried that we when we one day leave this town, and  move back to London or any other big city, we will be so used to the quiet streets that the massive crowds will freak us out! Not that we don’t long for it! xx