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taco lunch @ school

taco lunch

My B-report girls and I had a cosy and sunny taco lunch at Uni today to celebrate our Birthday Girl Lovisa (to the left) who is turning 25 today! Yay! Happy Birthday Sweetie! Now we only have one more day to work on our report, and if we pass this half of Uni will be done, so fingers crossed!

Now it’s time for a little ring to my love, who is still out on the roads with his friends! It is a little empty in the shoebox without him! Hugs xx



Today has been packed with school and studies for both me and my other half! But I do believe you sometimes need to have those very dull days to appreciate the small things in life =) Tomorrow David and I are going to hit the gym in the morning, just to do some heave bench presses and other stuff! Haha, just kidding! I will leave that for Kiwi while I watch American tv on the cross trainer! Above is a little sneak from my lunch today. Soup with spinach, leek, lenses and a whole bunch of other good stuff and toasted bread with pesto! Yum!! =)

she’s my m

maria sweden

mary örebro

sweden örebro

my friend

It’s not everyday that you get a spontaneous visit – but today I did! Maria and I have had a few hours of quality time, and it was much needed. Lunch, couch hang, coffee and a very chilly, but sunny walk did great for the inside! Thank you for the visit love! See you again soon! xx

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