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Before the clock turns twelve I would like to send another Happy Birthday wish to one of my absolute dearest friends, Sofia! I hope that you are having the time of your life tonight and that your new year has been starting off great in LONDON!! Lots and lots of love xx

merry christmas everyone

christmas breakfast

christmas food

christmas coffee

christmas ham

Merry Christmas friends and family!! Here at Tidö Lindö we are starting of the day with a yummy breakfast including “Santa porridge”, bread made from beer, ham (for the meat eaters), and coffee!

A few gifts have been unwrapped, but most of them will have to wait untill after dinner. In a few minutes we are off to my sisters’ house to meet up with everyone! I think we will be 18 people in total. love

Kiwi seems to enjoy the start of his Swedish Christmas. He sits next to me now in his new shirt and looks pretty pleased after the morning fuel!

I hope you all out there will have a wonderful day, and remember not to hold back on the hugs, kisses and love!  xx



naked beauty

who are you to judge me

big city

victoria secret model


cool picture


man-boss.jpg 2.jpg 6

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This tumblr is my new favourite “dream-away tool!” It’s always full of great inspiration with pics of food, clothes, styles, accessories, cities, lovely places, nature and tons of thoughtful statements!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

du är den finaste jag mött

du är den finaste jag mött

du är den finaste jag mött

I sometimes wonder why you’re always so good to me – you go food shopping when I am too lazy to get dressed, you give me massages every night even though I haven’t given you one in weeks, you take walks with me whenever I need to clear my head even though you have already been out for hours, you stop to let me know that my favourite tv show is on even though you are deeply concentrated in your work… and you make sure to fall asleep after me at night because you simply know that I like it that way…

Maybe it’s because you feel for me the exact same way as I do for you! xx

the weekend

josefine och jag

blue train


acne store

saturday drinks

irish coffee

irish coffee

stockholm trip


beluga vodka

pelle Lannefors



david turnbull

green shirt

under ground man

David and I have had an amazing weekend in Stockholm.  Good food, good drinks, good shopping, great fun, and most importantly, great company!!

Thank you Josefine for letting us come and see you and your new place even though your schedule was crazy busy! Thank you Pelle for having us over in the studio and for taking us out, and of course for being one out of my two amazing and loving big-brothers!

And thank you Julia and Kurt for coming to Sweden. It is always so amazing to see you and so heartbreaking to say good-bye, but we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in Stockholm together with you guys. Thank you for everything! We miss you so much already!

Now it’s way over bed time!  Sweet dreams everyone xx

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