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lindex bomber

bomber lindex

Lindex has been a bit sneaky with their selections lately. I do think they have got quite good stuff over all, but every now and then they sneak in little great golden pieces. Take this bomber jacket for example, I would never have thought it was a Lindex jacket, but it is and I am a big fan!! Fingers crossed that they have got it in the store, I wanna try it on!! =) xx

today’s inspo


via Stockholm Streetstyle

Columbine Smille – there are no words for this woman’s style! I love every inch of it!! But I am especially keen on a jacket like that – let the hunt begin!
But other than drooling over Columbine’s picture I am also trying to get ready for tonight – David and I are off to Frida and Erik’s house for some birthday wine and later on it will be food and football at a little pub nearby. Cosy!! xx

the winter jacket

navy stadium jacket

I went and bought a new winter jacket from Stadium over a week ago, but I haven’t been able to decide whether I wanted to keep it or not. Was it really the color I wanted? The length I wanted? The fabric i wanted? and so on… but now, after all, I decided to keep it. It’s so warm and cosy and I have a feeling we’ll be very good friend this winter! x

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