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Good evening out there! Today I am extra happy since my new phone has been unlocked and I can now use it ALL IN! I do miss some of the options on my old Android, but I guess and hope that the iPhone will make up for it with other kind of functions.

Tonight Kiwi and I are staying in to watch Dexter and eat ice cream – like the fat coupe that we are!!! Tomorrow it’s time for more school and then we might go and see the new Bond movie. It’s supposed to be very good! =) Hugs and good night from us in the shoebox xx

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Today has been spent with my friend Viktoria out at IKEA and Marieberg’s shopping mall. I found the coolest work out clothes, but I decided not to buy any of it until I know for sure that I will join the gym. I feel that my PW’s and jogging are quite enough at the moment and it’s good to get out in the fresh air, but when the temperature gets lower and snow comes I think I will prefer the treadmill inside of the gym.

Tonight Davos is at work and I am planing on finding a chick flick to watch. And talking about movies, I saw The Holiday at my sister’s house last weekend. It was great and definitely one of my new favourites! A good tip for your next movie night! xx

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I’m really starting to become a morning person. All I want after 18.00 is to go to bed so that I can wake up in the morning to a new day, drink coffee, have breakfast, take a walk and feel like a productive day is ahead of me. With other words –  I am turning into a senior!

Before I go to bed tonight I have promised my man here next to me a massage. Good for him =) Sweet dreams everyone xx