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-18 celcius



The temperature shows -18. I think I will have to walk to school today. It might be too cold to bike. Either way I will wear my all time favourite gloves from Hestra. They keep the hands toasty warm even when it’s this cold! I better start getting dressed. Talk later! xx


hats H&M

I like the simple style when it comes to hats, just like these ones from h&m. Fingers crossed that they have them down town.

Other than looking around at autumn/winter hats I have actually managed to study a bit this morning. Sunday is my favourite day so I normally try to get the daily study done as soon as possible, and then I can enjoy the rest of the day with my love (who is btw still snuggling around in the bed).

Now, it’s brunch time – porridge with apples and cinnamon, crispbread and tea. My new tea is a red tea called Röd Söder and it’s flavoured with orange and strawberry. I tried it for the first time at my friend Klara’s house and it’s really tasy! talk soon loves xx