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siri och Lisa

A little quick pic from last night with Siri! It was so great to meet up with her again. We drank wine, talked memories and chatted about life’s ups and downs. When we worked together last summer lots of guests thought we were sisters or sometimes even the same person, and I think that, not only on the outside, but also on the inside we are quite a bit alike!  Thank you for the great study break sweetie! xx

a bit of my weekend

2013-08-11 18.06.38 (1080x723)


2013-08-11 18.12.37 (1080x723)

kalmar sweden

2013-08-11 18.15.51 (1080x723)

kalmar sweden

kalmar sweden


time for a swim

2013-08-11 18.35.34 (1080x723)

kalmar sweden


IMG_2297 (1080x810)

2013-08-10 19.33.56 (1080x723) kalmar sweden

bbq kalmar

Hi there! I hope you have had a great start to this new week. I have spent my Monday on the train back to Västerås after a lovely weekend together with my sweet friends in Kalmar. It was about four or five years ago since we worked together but we are all just the same crazy ones now that we were back then. The past days have really offered so many laughter, lots of good food, lots of good (and way too strong) drinks (of all kinds) and we have also been able to spend time by the ocean which has been really cosy and great. Thank you for this time ladies! I love you all and hope to see you again soon. xx



Before the clock turns twelve I would like to send another Happy Birthday wish to one of my absolute dearest friends, Sofia! I hope that you are having the time of your life tonight and that your new year has been starting off great in LONDON!! Lots and lots of love xx

she’s my m

maria sweden

mary örebro

sweden örebro

my friend

It’s not everyday that you get a spontaneous visit – but today I did! Maria and I have had a few hours of quality time, and it was much needed. Lunch, couch hang, coffee and a very chilly, but sunny walk did great for the inside! Thank you for the visit love! See you again soon! xx

the weekend

josefine och jag

blue train


acne store

saturday drinks

irish coffee

irish coffee

stockholm trip


beluga vodka

pelle Lannefors



david turnbull

green shirt

under ground man

David and I have had an amazing weekend in Stockholm.  Good food, good drinks, good shopping, great fun, and most importantly, great company!!

Thank you Josefine for letting us come and see you and your new place even though your schedule was crazy busy! Thank you Pelle for having us over in the studio and for taking us out, and of course for being one out of my two amazing and loving big-brothers!

And thank you Julia and Kurt for coming to Sweden. It is always so amazing to see you and so heartbreaking to say good-bye, but we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in Stockholm together with you guys. Thank you for everything! We miss you so much already!

Now it’s way over bed time!  Sweet dreams everyone xx

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