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Tag: fornasetti

candles from fornasetti


What do we like better than candles when the dark season surrounds us? Once again I have been falling for Fornasetti. Just like their fun wall plates (that I posted a while ago) these ones are full of humour and playfulness as well. Some of them are not scented while some of them are. Among others they can fill the room with orris, cedarwood, thyme, lavender and floral aroma. They don’t fit a student’s budget but they are still worth dreaming about. Images from Selfridges. xx

on our white walls


On the empty white walls in our apartment I would LOVE to have these very neat wall plates from Fornasetti. They are £125 each so they are not student friendly unfortunately, but what are day dreaming for!? The Italian artist, Piero Fornasetti, who made them, was inspired by a women he found in an old French magazine. He started off with a collection of six, but today there are 350 different variations of them. I love the humor! Images from Selfridges! xx

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