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chia seed

It’s has been a very grey Monday with light rain and plentiful clouds outside the window. I made sure to cheer it up though with a tasty and colourful snack in the afternoon. Chia pudding is a new favourite and today I topped it with raspberries, greek yoghurt, mango and granola. The kitchen cloth underneath the plate is from Borough Market in London. It’s a gift from David’s sister Julia and I love having it hanging in the kitchen, it’s like having a bit of London with us. Beautiful London with all its wonderful food markets! xx

Chia seed pudding

Chia pudding

Today I finally got myself to try a new (for me) seed in the popular super food group – the chia seed! And yes, I did do a hashtag search on instagram and one on pinterest to see how people ate it. It seemed to be a million ways, but I ended up putting it in the fridge over night together with almond milk, and then this morning I ate it with greek yoghurt and mango. And wow, it was so creamy and tasty! The chia seed is full of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and protein, and works well for a vegetarian, a vegan or a gluten-free diet. Thumbs up!

Tomorrow is quite an exciting day since David and I are going to sign the papers for the apartment that we are moving into on the first of October. I can’t wait for us to fall asleep next to each other every night again. I have really missed that!

But what we are most thrilled about right now is happening in about two weeks when David’s parents are coming over to Europe from New Zealand. I guess it is about time to meet the parents of your boyfriend when you have been dating for four years, right? We are all beyond excited about their visit! Let it be the 28th of September soon!

Now it’s time for dinner – I think shrimps are on tonight’s menu, yum! xx