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Cafe Chula

Cafe Chula camden

Cafe ChulaCamden cafe ChulaChula camden

Sweden, you are going tropic on us! Today the temperature will head up to 31 degrees celsius and it will probably be the hottest day of the year (so far). I will spend it by the water with my childhood friend Sofia. I feel a lazy and wonderful day is ahead of us.

Before heading out though I thought I would share with you another restaurant in London that both Kiwi and I are big fans of. It’s a Mexican restaurant named Cafe Chula, located by one of the locks in Camden, just by the food market. The venue is small, but it has a BIG heart, and a great selection of Tequila. Yum! Their food is made my Mexican chefs, it’s simple, but yet so exciting and so rich in flavour. The dishes on the lunch menu has prices under £10 while the dishes on the dinner menu is just over £10. They have a few cocktails which of course are tequila based. They are only £5 each so why not try one! If you are not hungry though, just drop in for a coffee, this Mexican venue will give you a nice break from the busy pulse of Camden high street. All pics from Cafe Chulas home page. Lots of love xx

the new semester is more than welcome to kick off

So the weekend in London has passed. It was great fun and I would have loved to show you all the pictures and videos that I took, but I can’t since my dear phone was stolen and all memories from months and months back were taken away from me, and from Kiwi. I have learned two things from this experience 1. To regularly back up my pics and videos and 2. To leave the phone at home when going to crowded places. It doesn’t matter how careful you are about your stuff, people stealing phones, wallets etc are professionals at what they do, and it’s really hard to protect yourself from it. Well enough about that…

Because apart from the phone thing I had a lovely time. On Thursday night I met up with Sid, and we spent the night having drinks at his bar  The Lockside Lounge and eating italian food from Camden Night Market. It was quality time to its fullest. On Friday night it was time to meet up with my old boss Iza. We went to The Yard in Soho, a guy venue were two of our old brazilian work mates now work. It was a really relaxed and cosy place with a beautiful garden, a cool loft bar and (of course) many hard-working shirtless bartenders. As always Iza and I had a blast!

And then Saturday arrived and it was time for SW4. The weather started off a bit grey in the morning and by the time we entered the festival the rain was bloody pouring. But really, who cares about rain and muddy shoes when you are surrounded by amazing music and by people who you love and care about.  Not me! I was too excited and happy to have anything else but an amazing time. The highlight of the night was of course Armin Van Buuren! xx

Now Kiwi and I are home again. In six days school starts and it feels good to get back to a “normal” life again. God, I have missed our little apartment, the gym and my friends from school. The new semester is more than welcome to kick off! xx

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