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breakfast sweden

healthy breakfast

Goooood morning! Long time, no talk! I am sitting here on my chair in our “shoebox” mentally preparing myself for a day in school, a long day in school! I wish I could have start the day with the same C-vitamin boost as I did a few days ago (pics above), but today I will have to go with a quick porridge before heading off. I have London Grammar pumping out of the speakers, God I love them! You make sure to have a rockin’ Monday, and I will do the same! Kisses n’ hugs

the last

tidö lindö

power walk sweden

porridge breakfast

I have had my last morning view over the lake, my last PW around the island and my last breakfast here at Tidö Lindö for a while now. Bye Bye Västerås  and thank you for this summer! Above you can see the kind of breakfast that mommy and I have munched on the most this summer – porridge! This morning we added nectarines and blueberries to it! xx

here we go..

breakfast sweden

breakfast sweden

breakfast swedenMy brekkie a few days ago!! =)

Hi there! A new week is here so I though it would be a good idea to break the last week’s lazy habits and start this week with lots of new and happy energy!! All last week my motivation for everything was deep down somewhere where I couldn’t reach it, but this week will be different! I will now have three days to focus on the healthy and energetic version of me before heading to London on Thursday for four not so healthy days, haha (I can’t wait to go!)  So what defines the healthy version of me? Three major things I try to focus on are work outs, like power walks, preferably morning ones before breakfast, lots and lots of water, and as much of clean eating as possibly. Tonight I am gonna go to Zumba class with my mom and my sister. I’m expecting lots of fun moves, great music and of course dripping sweat!! =) Have a lovely monday folks!! xx


cranberries, blueberries and almonds

blueberry breakfast

blueberry breakfast

Let’s get it out there , during exam week life feels like a long dull process that keeps repeating every day!! So, in order to make life a bit brighter I try to make extra tasty breakfasts. On the menu this morning I have got turkish yogurt, almonds, hazelnuts, cranberries, kiwi, banana, american blueberries  and a blueberry drink! Pretty good stuff! =) Have a good Tuesday folks! xx

the alarm on the body clock

2013-04-21 16.05.03 (1080x723)

2013-04-21 16.04.34 (1080x723)

coffee, grapes and smoothie

sunday breakfast

Hello Sunny Sunday! Both David and I worked until about 02.00  last night and I think we went to bed at around 04.00. No wonder that we are feeling a bit burnt this morning! I woke up at my usual time 06.00 – thank you for that dear alarm on the body clock!

Now it is time for brekkie though. The coffees and smoothies are on the table and the bread is ready in the toaster! The smoothies today contains  banana, blueberries, raspberries, mango, kiwi and oat milk! Cheers! xx