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my new afternoon tea book

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2013-01-04 15.42.40 (1080x739)

Afternoon tea – that’s the title of my new favourite book!

I got a lovely diary from David at Christmas, but since I already have one for this year we went to get it exchanged, and I picked out the one above instead. I wanted a book that was linked to England in some way, and as you can see I found it. It’s full of easy recipes and beautiful pictures of British surroundings. I have a feeling there will be new baked scones and tea in The Shoebox shortly! Thank you Dave! xx

I wanna read you

The Edge: How the Best Get Better

I have read about this book on a few blogs now and people really seem to like it. It came out this year and is written by the international speaker and successes coach Michael Heppell. The author has also written bestselling books like Flip It: How To Get The Best Out Of Everything and How to be Brilliant: Change Your Ways in 90 Days.

But this book is about traits and the secrets of highly successful people. Who are they and what made them the elite? After reading a bit of psychology at Uni I am now starting to find these kind of books very interesting. We will see when I have time to read this one though, at the moment I have got quite a bit of school books to read, but this one is next in line. x