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bikbok jeans

Good morning loves! I opened my eyes with a smile on my lips this morning. Not only did I have the sweetest person in the world next to me, but today I am also expecting a visit from one of my favourites, Maria (and her growing belly). And like that wasn’t enough the sky outside the window is shifting in beautiful pink and light purple. I feel good vibes coming from this day already! I wanted to share a great tip for skinny low waisted jeans with you today. They are from Bikbok and called funk flex 998, and costs 599 sek. They are great if you want your jeans tight all the way down to your little walkers, which I think is perfect now for the upcoming boots season. So stretchy and very comfy! xx

two on sale

2013-03-28 11.44.43 (1080x791)


2013-03-28 11.43.46 (1080x723)

2013-03-28 11.45.35 (1080x723)

Hello out there! It has been such a busy exam week, tricky questions and hours and hours of mental strain! Now it’s all turned in and out of my control, and that is why I am now taking a four-day easter break!! What a great feeling!! Today is the first day in a long time with no have too’s. Well I will do a couple of hours work this afternoon, but I look forward to it, I look forward to get out of the house and see the little girls that I work with! Above is two of my latest sale bargains. One jersey sweater from BikBok on half price and one knitted love from Cubus, down from 499 to 79 sek! Great deal! xx

sale sale sale

ballerina skirtimage (87)Lisa Lanneforsmy new red pantsparty bagmy friend buddha

I normally don’t spend too much time in the stores when all the sale is on. It’s just too many people, throwing too many clothes around at once. The other day though I was happily surprised when we walked into BikBok’s store here in Örebro. Even though they had 50% off on a lot off stuff it was all so organized and tidy and not too busy. I found the red pants on half price, the shorts on half price, the skirt was 29 kronor and the little bag was 19 kronor! Come on!? It’s a steal!! =)

The Buddha I didn’t get on sale though. It is a gift from my Kiwi fruit, I just wanted to show him off! Isn’t he cute!? xx

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