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It’s hard work sitting on the bum!!


I am on the train once again, but this time I am on my way back to Västerås after spending the night in Örebro. I have been in school all day, and my head feels like a jar of Apple jam! I guess that’s what happens when a late study night (yesterday) met an early morning, which continues with a whole day in front of the computer! Maybe I should have been a carpenter instead! Sitting on the bum for eight hours is hard work! Haha! Well, at least I have spent the last 24 hours with amazing friends, it always makes the studies more bearable (maybe because of all the little breaks we convince each other that we need, haha!) Now I will soon be home with my man again! It will be exciting to hear how his third day at the new work has been!! xx


The first cold morning

good morning

Woke up this morning and saw the sunshine working its way through the blinds. I put my morning gown on and went out to take a picture, and like expected it was freezing out there – only one degree! Now I am on the train on my way to Örebro for school and studies! The long autumn coat is on for the first time this season. It’s kind of cosy! xx

Happy days


Hey you guys! If I could only somehow describe how happy I am! Yesterday was pouring so much happiness on us! It started after school when I got a phone call from Kiwi! He had been in a meeting with a potential employer and they had good news for him! From Monday he will start his new job within Customer Support and Marketing for an England based IT company! This means no more bar work for him, and no more drunk rude Swedes! But even more important – he will now work with something that he feels passionate about!! Soon after this wonderful news I went to sign the contract for our new home!! I can’t wait to move in and make it ours! After signing the contract I had my first class at a new yoga studio. It’s a holistic yoga class with focus on the woman body and it’s functions! It’s a meditative kind of yoga, and the purpose of it is to release stress and to be comfortable in the body we were born into! The yoga studio is literally three floors under our new apartment so from October it will take me under a minute to get to class! How nice is that?

Tonight I have mostly spent in front of the computer writing on my home exam! So much for an exciting Friday! But it has to be done, and it feels good to work my way towards an end.. Hope you all will have a great night! Lots of love xx

Out in the woods

in the woods

in the woods

in the woods

in the woods

in the woods

in the woods   in the woods     snail

Monday is here and only one week left untill school starts again. I have one semester left in Uni, but only 10 weeks in school. The other 10 weeks I will be out on my internship. Last week I received the happy news that Länsförsäkringar, a national bank and insurance company, will take me on as an intern. I feel there is a fun and challenging time ahead!

Above are pictures from when my mum and I went out for an early chanterelle hunt. Unfortunately no chanterelle were found, but instead a whole bunch of old junk. My favourite was a very old tin that was marked “The United Chocolate Factories Stock Company”. So charming! xx

Fun ideas for wrapping gifts




It was my sister’s birthday yesterday and when I was wrapping the bowl that David and I got her I started to think about how many fun and different ways there must be to a wrap gift. I don’t think it takes much to make it a bit more personal. It could be a picture, a fun sticky tape, a clothes peg or why not wrap it in a soft fabric instead of paper? Next time I’ll try to let the imagination flow. xx

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