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Good Morning and Happy New Year!

Yet another year has passed, and I’m glad 2016 is over. I  hope and believe that 2017 will be better in many ways. Less worries, more happiness, less darkness, more sunshine, less losses of lives and more peace. We did however wake up to another terror attack and this time in Turkey. Before I had turned around to give Kiwi the year’s first morning hug I had tears in my eyes and an aching heart. For many people New Years Eve will from now on not be the same, it will be a reminder of their loss. And 2016 will be a reminder of loss for even more people.

While the chaos continues I am sitting in bed having sushi for breakfast. A sushi craving hit me yesterday and a Deliveroo man was soon knocking on the door with about 25 pieces of sushi bites. I hope they haven’t gone bad over night…

I also thought I would write down a few of my goals for this year. They are not really new year resolutions, but instead just a few goals that I will start aiming for as from today:

  1. Continue to stay active by going to the gym, taking classes and by taking long walks. I was very happy with how well I did on this last year so my goal now is just to keep up with it.
  2. Eat more green and vegetables. I eat vegetables and fruit every day which is good, but I don’t eat enough of it. My goal is therefore to eat at least 2 fruits per day and to eat at least 2 meals with vegetables each day. I think that’s realistic.
  3. Read more books! Apart from school books I have not been reading much this year. From what I can remember I have read two or three Wallander books and that’s it. Shame. So my goal for 2017 is to read for joy and relaxation for at least 15 mintes a day. Also realistic!
  4. Write more. Blog posts will be good for that!
  5. I will skip the attempts to make things perfect and instead be a little bit rebellious and go for good enough!

Thank you for checking in!  X


Sonnet James

sonnet james

Just recently I came across some dresses from the brand Sonnet James, and I think the story behind their clothes is very clever. Whitney, who is the brand’s creator, experienced a lack in the market when she couldn’t find clothes that moms could wear and be both well dressed and playful in. This quote is taken from their web page:

“Sonnet James was born out of the idea that beautiful clothing should work for moms—durable, comfortable, and beautiful, yet easy to care for. So, enjoy your Sonnet James dress at the park, the museum, and the city”. 

Even though I am not a mom myself I am a big fan of the concept. It gives me future inspiration. Have a sneak at their lookbook and see for yourself! xx

On the train

Sitting on the train to Örebro for a morning seminar at Uni, but first, a stop at Frida and Erik’s for breakfast! Cosy! Went through my pics while waiting at the train station and found these two of Felix and I. I can’t imagine what life would be like without my little nephews and nieces! xxfamily

Family time

My nephew Elias is blowing out four candles on his birthday cake

birthday boy

Birthday cupcakes, yum!


My niece Freja – the little miss monkey herself!

little miss monkey

We have a lot of birthdays to celebrate in our family in October. This weekend it was my brother’s and my nephew’s turn. So on Saturday we picked up Grandma and drove off for Birthday “fika” in the house where my siblings and I grew up, and where my brother is now living with his family.  I borrowed the pics from dad, who is quite awesome at taking lots of pictures at family gatherings!

Now David and I are going to make some Sunday dinner here in the “Brooklyn box”. The few times a month that we are actually eating together we always end up making Tacos. It is easy since David, who normally loves his meat, happily eats the vegetarian mince. For the rest of the night we are going to relax as much as we can before a BUSY weeks starts tomorrow!! xx

The oriental door mat

IKEA mat

In our studio apartment we have a very small hallway, well we probably couldn’t even call it a hallway. Anyway, since we have such small area to leave our shoes on my mum came up with the idea of a bigger door mat (inside the apartment) so that we could just take our shoes off and leave them on the mat instead of having to push them into the little shoe-area. I think a small oriental mat could be a very pretty little piece to be welcomed by as soon as entering our home, or as Dave refers it to “the Brooklyn box” because of its exposed brick wall. Maybe it could be the one above – from IKEA. xx