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Yoga at home

yoga at home



I found a really good space for yoga this morning which was out on the terrace of my parents house. I haven’t done yoga in a while so I put on a 40 minutes easy level class on YouTube. I was happily surprised to see how many options there are of instructors who give out free classes. Today I followed a women who goes by the name Yoga by Adriene. She has all different kind of classes like yoga for beginners, yoga for fat loss, yoga for stress relief and so on. I liked her, but I wasn’t totally sold so tomorrow I am gonna do a bit more of exploring to see what other options of instructors there are. Hope you are having a great Monday! xx

a snack and a yoga mat

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yoga mat

I have been wanting a yoga mat for a while now since it makes it much easier to practise yoga, meditation or regular work out at home. My dad kindly thought I needed one as well and got me this beautiful one – I love the colour of it. I have been using it this morning and afterwards I treated myself with a blueberry and raspberry drink and lovely sweet grapes (my little obsession). Hope you will have a good Wednesday! I will spend the rest of mine with school work! xx

gym set

gym start

Yesterday I finally packed my gym bag and signed up at Motionsform, the same gym as I attended last semester. It feels great being back there and my motivation to build muscles and get stronger again is on top. Yesterday I also joined Frida for a 7 km run in the afternoon. I could barely get out of bed this morning, I am sore from top to toe. Good pain!

smooth peanut butter

apple wedges

And here we have today’s little snack! Apple wedges with smooth peanut butter from Nelson, New Zealand. The perfect mini meal between lunch and dinner while studying. And speaking about dinner, I think it’s time to get busy in the kitchen. An omelet with veggies and pesto is on the menu! xx

here we go..

breakfast sweden

breakfast sweden

breakfast swedenMy brekkie a few days ago!! =)

Hi there! A new week is here so I though it would be a good idea to break the last week’s lazy habits and start this week with lots of new and happy energy!! All last week my motivation for everything was deep down somewhere where I couldn’t reach it, but this week will be different! I will now have three days to focus on the healthy and energetic version of me before heading to London on Thursday for four not so healthy days, haha (I can’t wait to go!)  So what defines the healthy version of me? Three major things I try to focus on are work outs, like power walks, preferably morning ones before breakfast, lots and lots of water, and as much of clean eating as possibly. Tonight I am gonna go to Zumba class with my mom and my sister. I’m expecting lots of fun moves, great music and of course dripping sweat!! =) Have a lovely monday folks!! xx